What is a Lean Enterprise? Taiichi Ohno, the founder of the Toyota Production System, defined it this way: “All we are doing is looking at the time line from the moment the customer gives us an order to the point when we collect the cash. And we are reducing that time by removing the non-value-added wastes” (Ohno 1988). This is a simple and efficient explanation of a complex system and culture.

A lean enterprise applies TPS principles to all aspects of its business.

  • Customer Focus – Only the customer can define the value of our product or service. All else is waste.
  • Eliminate Waste – Waste is anything that the customer does not need and will not pay for. All employees must be empowered to eliminate waste.
  • Improve Flow – Small amounts of product or service moving quickly according to customer demand. Customers will pay for time.
  • Quality “Built-in” to Processes – Make it right, instead of inspecting later
  • Respect for People – Develop your people and your partners.
  • Continuous Improvement – No amount of improvement is ever enough.

Types of Lean Offerings

Manufacturing Service Healthcare
Manufacturing Lean
Service Lean
Healthcare Lean
Excellence in Operations as a Strategic Weapon
Cost, Quality, and On Time Delivery
Kaizen Culture with Respect

Recent Companies Assisted

  • ABB Kuhlman
    Crystal Springs, MS
  • Ashley Furniture
    Ecru, MS
  • AZZ Calvert
    Richland, MS
  • BAE Systems
    Hattiesburg, MS
  • BorgWarner
    Water Valley, MS
  • Cardinal Health
    Madison, MS
  • Delta Regional Medical Center
    Greenville, MS
  • Eaton
    Jackson, MS
  • Faurecia
    Cleveland, MS
  • Greenwood Leflore Hospital
    Greenwood, MS
  • Horne LLP
    Ridgeland, MS
  • Mimeo.com
    Memphis, TN
  • Raytheon
    Forrest, MS
  • Tower Automotive
    Madison, MS
  • Viking Range
    Greenwood, MS
  • Winchester
    Oxford, MS

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