S.T.E.P. for Middle School

This project provides Science Technology Engineering Mathematics (STEM) activities for the middle school (5th, 6th, and 7th) grade students and teachers by implementing a challenging curriculum with a predicted improvement in math and science core components that help to improve test scores. This program has been refined to provide empirical results from years of implementation that encourage technical career path choices. The major components:

  • Summer Camp – this 5 day event involves student (25) participation in activities that encourage exploration and design as well as problem solving. All of the core objectives will provide opportunities for experimentation and brain storming with classmates for logical conclusion with a predicted outcome.
  • Professional Development – this component provides 3 days of core activities exploration and preparation for 10 teachers to interact with teaching strategies related to each activity that will be performed in the workshop and in their classrooms. This component provides resources that support teaching core activities.
  • Classroom Mentoring – this component provides classroom implementation strategies for the teachers involved with the project and looks for ways for teachers to partner on concepts being implemented using the activities from the summer camp. This year long activity will develop activity modification for specific classroom teacher comfort levels.

Please contact Tonya McCall at (601) 407-2767 if you like to learn more about the STEP Program.

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